THE WHY Foundation's Code of Ethics & Conduct

Title: Code of Ethics & Conduct  
Author: THE WHY Foundation
Date for Renewal: July 2019  
Geographical Scope: For all THE WHY Foundation employees, volunteers and representatives Worldwide, except in countries where the following policy contravenes local legislation. In these cases, local legislation must be followed with guidance from THE WHY Foundation. This document will apply in the event that THE WHY Foundation policy is more stringent than local legislation.


As a non-governmental and not-for-profit organization based in Copenhagen, Denmark, THE WHY Foundation recognizes the importance of a Code of Ethics and Conduct in its pursuit to provide free, independent information to communities across the globe. This document lays out guidelines within which THE WHY will operate to ensure all staff and volunteers act with honesty and integrity. It applies to all employees of THE WHY and affiliated partner organizations, regardless of rank or status.

THE WHY Code of Ethics and Conduct is adapted from Code of Ethics & Conduct for NGOs as written by the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO) in 2004.

I. Guiding Principles

II. Integrity and Legality

III. Finances, Organization & Collaboration