THE WHY and Odense International Film Festival open film competition to put spotlight on plastic pollution

March 3, 2021

Monika Tibenska

Common interest in films reflecting everyday realities brought THE WHY Foundation and Odense International Film Festival (OFF) together in a new strong partnership. This collaboration aims to spark debates about the problem of plastic pollution through a unique competition of the festival: OFF21 - WHY PLASTIC? Short films. Through an open call for films, an expert jury will select ten films that will be given the chance to be a part of a global media campaign about plastic.

A special competition call for ‘OFF21’ invites filmmakers from around the world to present their works on plastic issues from different angles. The contest will select films that are short and sharp, and take a closer look at plastic from different angles. Competing films will be shown to the festival’s guests and become part of THE WHY Foundation's global WHY PLASTIC? campaign starting in October 2021.

WHY PLASTIC? - response to environmental crisis 

We are drowning in billions of tons of plastic - material which lasts forever. The global media campaign WHY PLASTIC? is a response to the intensifying environmental and social crises caused by plastic pollution. The three feature documentaries integrating this campaign aim to shine light into the topic, untangling the confusion and misinformation that surrounds it. 

Through investigating what we know about health consequences of plastic pollution, digging into the unsustainable chains of production, and by exposing the journey of recycling, each documentary tackles the curse of plastic pollution from a different perspective, taking a closer look on causes, effects and solutions. 

OFF reflecting trends in society

Odense International Film Festival (OFF) is the first and only Oscar-qualifying festival in Denmark. OFF built a strong reputation among filmmakers in Denmark and abroad. Yearly thousands of applicants send their films with aspiration to participate in OFF’s competitions and take a chance on fighting for the Oscars. 

The OFF creates a space where filmmakers can reflect on trends in society. This year the OFF in collaboration with THE WHY introduces a special competition for OFF21 festival - WHY PLASTIC? Short films. 

Films that make people ask WHY?

THE WHY Foundation is a Danish multi-award winning non-profit organization that produces fact-based documentaries accessible for everyone. By providing free content at a global level, THE WHY reaches more than 600 million viewers across 191 countries and territories around the world. 

THE WHY produces and distributes investigative documentaries about human rights, plastic pollution and social justice. Documentary films have a great potential to start a critical global debate and spark a positive change. THE WHY collaborates with many broadcasters, non profit organizations and schools around the world to ensure that the films are available for everyone. 

WHY PLASTIC? short films requirements 

- Max length: 1-2 minutes

- Submission deadline: June 1, 2021

- The films must be completed  in 2020 or 2021

- Free registration via Filmfreeway

- Prizes: 1st prize € 2500, 2nd prize € 1250, 3rd prize € 500.

- Read more here

- The selected films become part of THE WHY Foundation's global WHY PLASTIC? campaign starting in October 2021

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