THE WHY calls for films on PLASTIC

November 20, 2018

Photo by Neus Herrera
By Cecília Tümler

Plastic is a revolutionary material, there's no way we can deny that. But it's usability and low production cost has brought us to the brink of an environmental disaster, that we can no longer afford to ignore.

In response, THE WHY is looking for ambitious filmmakers interested in bringing the issue of plastic pollution to life. We are interested in developing films which will not only expose the devastating consequences of our growing plastic consumption, but which will also cover some of the innovative and inspirational action being taken to tackle the issue.

The films selected will become the foundational part of the WHY PLASTIC? global awareness campaign. Through our extensive distribution network of public broadcasters and local outreach partners, these documentary films will reach hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

THE WHY has previously produced WHY DEMOCRACY? (2007), the Peabody Award-winning WHY POVERTY? (2012),  WHY WOMEN? (2016) in collaboration with Academy Award-winning actress Dame Helen Mirren, and the recently launched WHY SLAVERY? (2018). All of these campaigns successfully changed the global discourse on their respective topics, and we are very motivated to draw attention to the environmental damage caused by our over-reliance on plastic.

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