We believe free access to information is a human right.

1 billion people are unable to read and write and more than half of the world's population lack access to the internet. This means that for millions of people across the world free, reliable, information is simply not available.

To combat unequal access to information THE WHY produces & donates documentaries to underserved countries and distributes them on a sliding fee scale to other broadcasters around the world.

Founded in 2004 by documentary visionaries Mette Hoffmann Meyer (former head of documentaries at DR) and Nick Fraser (founder of BBC's documentary strand Storyville), THE WHY encapsulate their vision of making investigative documentaries available to everyone, everywhere. 

Engaging our extensive network of broadcasters, filmmakers and journalists, THE WHY now reaches more than 200 countries and territories with over 70 television broadcasters, local non-profit organizations and schools. By securing access to informative documentary films for everyone, we encourage global critical debate on pressing human rights and environmental issues.



We produce informative documentaries which focus on human rights issues around the world.


We distribute our documentaries to over 70 local broadcasters, nonprofit organizations, schools, museums & galleries across 191 countries. 


We create local language versions of our documentaries & supplementary educational materials.

Where we are

THE WHY works with partners across the world to extend free access to information for everyone.


We secure free access to reliable information for 600 million people across 191 countries around the world.

We inspire critical thinking and debate on pressing human rights and environmental issues.

We support public media in developing countries by donating films to broadcasters around the world.

To find out more about our impact download the individual impact reports for each project below

Who we are

Randi Bach Poulsen

Chair Person of the Board

François Zimeray

Board member

Camilla Nielsson

Board member

Klara Grunning-Harris

Board member

Peter Stenbæk

Creative Director Cosmic People

Mette Hoffmann Meyer

CEO / Executive Producer

Nick Fraser

Board member & Founding Member

Mette Hoffmann Meyer

CEO / Executive Producer

Jan Laursen

Office Manager

Charlotte Meyer

Strategy Consultant

Stig Bilde


Maria Colomer Canyelles


Signe Spanggård Jørgensen

Project Manager

Mathilde Kirstein

Graphic Designer & WHY STORIES Production Assistant

Cecília Tümler

Communications Coordinator

Kajsa Rosenblad

WHY PLASTIC? Series Researcher

Alberica Rindi

Outreach & Festivals Coordinator

Martin Lange

Video Editor and Youtube Manager

Alice Bassan

Production Assistant

Sarah Mikkelsen

Project Manager

Laila Mowla

Production Assistant

Wagner Moura


Alex Gibney

Film Director and Producer

Ruby Chen

Co-founder and Ceo, Cnex Foundation

Nagieb Khaja

Director and Journalist

Mariza Matshaya

Producer and Founder of Queen of Film

Olafur Eliasson


Jan Rofekamp

President & Ceo, Films Transit International

Chris Hastings

Executive Producer and Editorial Manager, World Channel

Claire Aguilar

Curator of Documentaries

Henrik Beha Pederson

Founder & CEO; Plastic Change | WHY PLASTIC? Advisor

Anja Stokkan

Plastic Coordinator, Municipality of Oslo | WHY PLASTIC? Advisor

Kristian Syberg

Associate Professor Roskilde University, MarinePlastic | WHY PLASTIC? Advisor

Marcus Carlos Liberski

Investor I WHY PLASTIC? Strategic Advisor

Connie Hedegaard

Former European Commissioner for Climate Action

Malene Møhl

WWF Plastic Advisor | WHY PLASTIC? Advisor

Sine Plambech

Researcher, Anthropologist and Film Director | WHY SLAVERY? Advisor





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With our Bronze Angel package you can support our organization with an annual donation and can expect reduced rates for the services of our consultants.

Silver Business Angels make a more modest contribution and receive our assistence with simple business issues in exchange.

Golden Business Angels make the biggest contribution. Either financially, in kind or sometimes both. In exchange for their support, they are rewarded with assistence on business issues, such as a footprint scan or a Trash hunt event for their customers.