How we Work with Broadcasters

Part of our mission in spreading quality documentaries to as many people as possible, we partner which local broadcasters. Therefore we partner with local broadcasters and cooperate with them to translate and create local language versions.

These partnerships are important because they ensure access of information to people who may not have access to the internet or information in languages they understand.

Our partnership with the BBC World News and Service enables us to reach 200 countries and territories where those channels are viewed by over 210 million people. We also partner with individual public service broadcasters around the world, with partners in nearly every country in North American, South America, and Africa.

Accessibility to high-quality information is pivotal to our mission. Therefore, THE WHY makes partnerships on a sliding-scale fee, to ensure that viewers of underfunded broadcasters can access language-specific information on an equal basis with better funded broadcasters.

Woman interviews CEO Mette Hoffmann Meyer in broadcaster studio.
CEO Mette Hoffmann Meyer being interviewed at the launch of a partnership with Mongolian National Broadcaster (MNB) in 2018.

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