Our Work

THE WHY works in multiple different ways to ensure the spread of quality information to those who need it most.

At the core of our work is films which we produce from the bottom-up alongside the best filmmakers around the globe. These films make up our docuseries and are the root of our expansive catalogue.

We also purchase, edit and distribute films which have already been produced under our WHY STORIES film stream. These films are shared with broadcasters around the world on a sliding-scale fee, and are translated into local languages.

Our films are also used via outreach in educational and community settings. In Denmark we host and manage film screenings for students via ASK WHY? Docs. These screenings are accompanied by local experts with insights into the themes of each film.

Finally, we share our films with local community organizations who use the films to open hearts and expand minds via local screenings.

Scene from film Solar Mamas.

More on Our Work

Hosting screenings, producing award winning films, selecting the world's best documentaries, and more.