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Working with regional and national broadcasters to provide documentaries for all

We partner with broadcasters from every continent to bring our films to the widest audience possible.

In particular, we partner with the BBC WORLD News and Service which helps enlarge our spread to over 200 countries and territories. Every year, THE WHY curates a select number of films particularly for the BBC under our WHY STORIES banner. These films are edited to 45 minutes and translated into local languages to maximize our audience, combat the information gap, and empower local communities.

Broadcasts of our film have been shown to over 200 million people worldwide with over 70 different broadcasters. Broadcasting is a powerful medium, even in the age of digital screening, because over 30% of the world's population is still offline. This means that for millions of people, their only source of information is from periodicals, radio, or television broadcasts.

We believe that everyone has the right to know about the world. Therefore, we are always looking to expand our reach and partner with new broadcasters, to make sure nobody is left behind.

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