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WHY STORIES is a series of thought-provoking and inspiring documentary films about the world we live in.

Based on the premise that all people everywhere have the right to free and accurate information, WHY STORIES brings critically acclaimed documentaries to communities around the world on a sliding fee scale. To ensure we reach people in the world's most underserved communities WHY STORIES are donated to underfunded broadcasters and dubbed into local languages.

Documentary films are well-recognized as providing valuable insight into the lived experiences, different cultures, and politics of different regions around the world. WHY STORIES is comprised of pre-existing documentary films from around the world that we buy and edit into 45-minute films to screen on TV. In this way, WHY STORIES extends the lifespan of high-quality films whilst simultaneously expanding their viewership by reaching out to new audiences.

These films are also broadcast through BBC World News, which gives the WHY STORIES stories an impressive platform, reaching around 99 million households a week.

Our partner GRT in Moldova. Broadcasting the first documentaries in the Gagauz language.

How it works

Recognizing that the majority of the world’s population still receives information through local television, The Why delivers WHY STORIES films to both local and international television broadcasters to reach viewers worldwide.

WHY STORIES films are donated to local broadcasters, in local language versions, to ensure that information reaches people in some of the world’s most underserved regions.

Array of satellite dishes on several roof tops. cartoon film strip with a pair of scissors insideThree text bubbles, one includes an exclamation point. cartoon tv in front of cartoon world
1. We buy high-quality
documentary films
2. We edit the films into
shorter 45 minute
3. We create local dubbed language versions of the films
4. We reach the underserved
regions with high-quality
documentary films

Season 7

Here's a sample of what WHY STORIES has to offer in our latest season.

Interested in using some of our films for educational purposes?

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