Why Freedom?

What does freedom mean to you?

Freedom is a fundamental element of the human experience. Not everyone agrees on its definition, many believe their own is more important than others, some don’t get to experience it, and a few even decide to give it away.

How we comprehend our freedom and what that means for others’ ability to exercise theirs is a foundational tension for any society; to live with others is to give up some freedoms in exchange for different freedoms.

What do people think of their freedom? And what happens when those freedoms are questioned? WHY FREEDOM? seeks to answer these questions by finding the best stories of freedoms won, freedoms lost, and freedoms challenged.

We aim to discover the multiplicity of freedom, how the enhancement of one person or group’s freedoms can infringe or even suppress another’s freedoms, or how freedom can sidle back and forth in a delicate balance between extremes.

Carrying on with the tradition of producing award-winning, high-quality, informational documentaries, WHY FREEDOM? will include six documentary films about freedom, related media, and a global launch.

Our goal is to question what freedom means for different people in different places.

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