8 new films added to the WHY STORIES catalogue

September 4, 2020

Still from
"Cuban Dreams" - one of the new WHY STORIES films.
Cecília Tümler

A total of 8 new films have been added to the WHY STORIES catalogue, our series of documentaries about the world we live in. The documentaries enhance our collection of over 80 documentaries that are distributed globally through donations to organisations and partnerships with broadcasters. The recent additions bring to the discussion topics of migration, belonging, and feminism from places like Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cuba, Thailand, Palestine, Malta and Syria.

As the first step of sharing these films, BBC World News will air them every Saturday from the 5th of September to the 3rd of October. The upcoming times and dates for each film can be found on BBC’s website.

Check out the full WHY STORIES catalogue here or get to know the 8 new titles below:

- An Army of Sons // To what degree can your father's beliefs influence your future?

- Daphne: A Pen Too Sharp // What can be the consequences of trying to get close to the truth?

- Undercover in the ALT-Right // How has the alt-right movement gained momentum in the era of Trump? 

- Ouaga girls // "A woman can do any job she likes if she decides to.” How do young women in Burkina Faso cope with society’s expectations while training to be mechanics?

- The Judge // How does Palestine’s first female sharia law judge navigate a male dominated workplace?

- Favela Frontlines // Who is to blame for never ending violence in favelas? The police, the poor, or the system? 

- Cuban Dreams // What is the lived reality of Cubans who dream of the United States?

- Heartland // What happens when Thai women looking for economic stability marry Danish men looking for company?

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