Can Documentaries make a Difference? THE WHY present at Olbia Film Network

June 24, 2019

Photo by Neus Herrera
By Cecília Tümler

We were delighted to be invited by the Sardegna Film Commission to present THE WHY at the Olbia Film Network, in Sardegna Italy on Friday the 21st of June. Our WHY STORIES Producer Maria Colomer was joined by our Communications Coordinator Natalie Collins to deliver a range of presentations and to meet with filmmakers and distributors who share THE WHY’s belief that documentaries can make a difference.

Our colleagues delivered a presentation explaining how THE WHY works to provide free access to information for people around the world,extending beyond television broadcast to reach non-profits, schools and local community organizations. In addition to their presentation,  three of our award-winning short films were screened: ‘The Benefits of a Toilet’ from our 2016 WHY WOMEN? campaign, ‘A Woman Captured’ & ‘Maid in Hell’ from our most recent WHY SLAVERY?campaign.

Our colleagues were pleased to meet with Italian and international industry professionals who share our vision of free access to information for all. As an international organization we’re committed to reaching global audiences, from the sandy beaches of Sardinia to the mountains of Mongolia – and consider this latest trip an important reminder of documentary films unique power and continuing relevance around the world.

We travel regularly to build relationships with our partnersaround the world. If you’d like to know more about what THE WHY does and receive more regular updates on our travels – visit our Facebook or Instagram pages or  get in touch with us at

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