When did you last ASK WHY? - The Global Festival of Action Sustainable Development

May 15, 2019

Photo by Neus Herrera
By Cecília Tümler

As part of the Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development THE WHY gave a presentation about how our work, to ensure people around the world have free access to reliable information, supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Agenda.

The Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development is a 3-day, crowd-sourced festival taking part in Bonn, Germany. The Festival aims to gather and inspire SDG campaigners and stakeholders from different sectors of society, to enhance and broaden the global movement for the realization of the SDG’s.

At THE WHY we promote human rights by providing widespread free access to information, in the form of documentaries.We consider our work an integral part of the effort to realize the sustainable agenda, and it was therefore fitting that we were invited to give a presentation about the challenges and opportunities available for engaging citizens at large with the SDG’s.  

“When did you last ask why?”

The opening words of our charismatic speaker and researcher Kajsa Rosenblad set an important precedent at the festival for thinking about how we approach the SDG's. Namely, that to achieve meaningful, sustainable change, we need to really question the current sociopolitical structures which underpin our lives.

To watch the talk in full FOLLOW THIS LINK.

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