THE WHY wins German Design Award

November 23, 2018

Photo by Neus Herrera
By Cecília Tümler

THE WHY proudly announces that we have received the German Design Award; Our WHY WOMEN? short film “The Benefits of a Toilet”, produced by Simon Andersen Nørredam, Trine Beckett & Peter Stenbæk, has won the 2019 “'Excellent Communications Design - Audiovisual'' award!

The jury writes:

“This film impressively draws attention to an important social problem. The idea of showing the film’s voiceover using simple pictogram-like visuals drawn on a roll of toilet paper that slowly unrolls during the film is a strong and catchy idea that is readily understandable across all cultures.”

“Benefits of a Toilet is one of 10 short films narrated by Dame Helen Mirren. It is part of the »WHY WOMEN?« initiative aiming to shed light on different aspects of girls’ and women’s opportunities and challenges in a structurally unequal world. The iconic language can be understood across many cultures and without being able to read, and gets the message of the story across, with a simple and strong visual impact. Benefits of a Toilet is today used as educational material in schools worldwide.”

We are happy and proud of receiving this award, and we hope that any extra attention the film receives will lead to conversations about what needs to be done to secure access to sanitary facilities around the world.

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