WHY STORIES expands into Tanzania

April 4, 2019

Photo by Neus Herrera
By Cecília Tümler

We are pleased to announce THE WHY’s latest broadcast collaborator: CloudsTv. "The People's Station" is the leading infotainment TV station in Tanzania in operation since 2013. Thanks to the hard work of our WHY STORIES producer Maria Colomer, the station will now broadcast our WHY STORIES series in Swahili throughout March, April and May. This latest collaboration illustrates how THE WHY team are actively working towards our mission to ensure everyone has free access to independent information, by reaching people where they are, in the local language they speak.

Our partner, Clouds TV offered an excellent insight into the impact of this collaboration:

"Clouds Plus TV is grateful to be given an opportunity to broadcast these interesting WHY STORIES Documentaries. We as broadcasters have got a chance to expose our viewers to wider and diverse content production and story telling experience. Since our channel was predominantly a Swahili movie channel,our viewers now they have a comparative ground to reference film making through the same socio enviroment that they have been exposed in most of our Swahili film.

We believe this will impact even our filmmakers [...] to deliver a catchy screen play when they produce."

Ramadhani Bukini, Operations Director

Clouds Plus Television

We're proud to see our work in securing free access to information continue with this partnership and hope the screenings continue to prompt meaningful discussions and actions in the region.

For our Tanzanian viewers, you can catch Albino Boy, Miners Shot Down, Justice for Sale and Big Men every Monday at 13:00, Thursday at 16:00, and Sunday at 19:30 local time on CloudsTV.

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