WHY WOMEN? Mini Film Festival

March 20, 2017

Photo by Neus Herrera
By Cecília Tümler

6 short films and 2 documentaries from the WHY WOMEN? series are being screened at a UN event in New York this week. The WHY WOMEN?mini festival aim to raise awareness about girls’ and women’s rights, healthand wellbeing worldwide.

Tuesday, 21th March2017

3 short films and documentary Solar Mamas

The story of how Jordanian Rafea and other uneducatedwomen from poor communities all over the world train to become solar engineers.

Wednesday, 22th March2017

3 short films and documentary State of the Women

A portrait of inspiring women who have devoted their livesto improve the conditions of girls and women worldwide.


WHY WOMEN? is supported by Danidas InformationGrant, The Obel Family Foundation and Oak Foundation Denmark.

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