October 1, 2018

Photo by Neus Herrera
By Cecília Tümler


As a documentary film organization we want to encourage people to ASK WHY?. In keeping with this ethos, we’ve made the decision to rename our preeminent WORLD STORIES series: WHY STORIES?. The series will continue to deliver the same high-quality journalism and thought-provoking film content as before, only under the new name of WHY STORIES?. We believe this new name coheres more closely with THE WHY’s overarching mission of encouraging people to ASK WHY?, and we are excited to present this fresh face to the world.

WHY STORIES? is currently in its 4th season and will not change content-wise. We will continue to produce stories from the world, and distribute them to the world. This is made possible via our extensive network of 70+ broadcasters, including BBC World News, reaching around 600 million people world wide. From girl models in Siberia to Chinese school students, from Syrian refugee boys to Finnish men talking about their feelings; WHY STORIES will tickle your curiosity, and hopefully teach you something about the world we live in that you didn’t know before.

We believe that free and accurate information is a universal right, which is why one of the main focuses of the WHY STORIES? series is to dub our films to local language versions and donate them to smaller broadcasters. Our films are available in 12 languages, including Arabic, Swahili and French, which ensures we can reach people in the world’s most underserved and underfunded regions with accessible information, free of charge.

Currently, we are focusing on acquiring films about the Middle East and North Africa and dubbing them to Arabic, to meet the needs of our growing number of broadcasters in the MENA region. The last film we acquired, Remember Baghdad, is set to be a big success, not only in the MENA region, but in other parts of the world as well. Another exciting development is our collaboration with TAL (Television America Latina), that has an impressive reach in South and Latin America, a region where we have not had a big presence before.

The decision to change the name to WHY STORIES? has been planned by us for a long time and we are happy to finally share it with our partners, broadcasters and most of all, our audience. The team working with WHY STORIES? will continue distributing high-quality, investigative documentaries around the world, bringing difficult topics closer to home and inviting people to join the discussion.

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