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A school facilitating documentary screenings and debates.

Set-up screenings for your organisation, run ASK WHY? Docs for your school, or build a partnership with us.

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If you live in Denmark and wish to deduct your donation from tax, please send your CPR-number to us.
It will be deleted after we hand it over to SKAT.

Support us through your will

Support us through your will

Help us provide civic education by supporting us with a donation in your will. When you choose to donate inheritance to THE WHY Foundation, you can create a free will with the company Dokument 24. The will becomes free of charge as soon as you choose to donate inheritance to us. Start creating your will today, click here. When you create your will, you will receive it immediately. The will is sent per. e-mail in duplicate. One copy is a notarial will and the other copy is a witness will. You choose whether to sign the notarial will or to have the will signed in front of witnesses. Along with the will, you receive guidance on how to sign. Dokument 24 recommends that you sign the notarial will, as this is the most secure form of signature. THE WHY Foundation is exempt from paying inheritance/estate tax, and all donations go directly to our charitable cause. You can read more about how much inheritance tax you or your heirs must pay here.

We believe free access to information is a human right. Yet, millions of people around the world still lack access to reliable, factual, information. By supporting us you are enabling millions of people to access informative documentary films about the world we live in.