The A.P. Møller Relief Foundation supports the school project ’ASK WHY? Docs’ with funding for three years

July 1, 2021


Empathy and human rights in the Danish class rooms. ASK WHY? Docs, which is a part of THE WHY Foundation is a free information project for students in the 7th to 10th grade across the country. In the local cinema, the students watch selected documentary movies and is introduced to new perspectives sparking reflection and questions on the world surrounding them – near and far.

After each display follows a debate with an expert, film insider or a young person sharing his or hers own experiences related to the subject of the documentary. The discussion creates a shared experience and understanding that continues in the classroom.

”We are very happy and grateful for the support over three years from The A.P. Møller Relief Foundation. It’s essential for the quality of our work to have secured continuity and strengthen the planning effort with schools all over the kingdom,” says Mette Hoffmann Meyer, CEO of THE WHY.

Classic formation

The teachers emphasize that the shared experience and the format to introduce the students to the world in earlier ASK WHY? Docs displays engage them in the debate in society and strengthen their tolerance and understanding of each other. Especially, the documentaries introduce the students to the reality that it is okay to be different or derive from a different background than the majority.

“Actually, we have even experienced that students who were harassing or teasing others in the classroom changed their behavior. They realised that some students had more difficulties than others and that they maybe behaved differently for a reason. It is a form of classic formation to work with ASK WHY?” says Solvejg Jensen, main teacher for 8th grade at Hannas-Østerild School in Thisted.

This school year, ASK WHY? reached new towns all over the Denmark and doubled its showings and reach compared to the year before.

Also Lauritzen Fonden is supporting ASK WHY docs with funding for three years. And The Meyer Donation, The William Demant Fund, 3F, Københavns Kommune, Biografklub Fonden, The Danish Film Institute, The Arnstedtske Family Fund and the Frederiksberg Fund has been supporting ASK WHY.

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