THE WHY is looking for filmmakers

December 11, 2022


THE WHY is excited to announce an open call for filmmakers. We are now accepting project ideas to be part of our fifth global documentary campaign.

WHY FREEDOM? aims to be the next major entry into our lineup of award-winning film campaigns, following in the footsteps of WHY DEMOCRACY? (2007), WHY POVERTY? (2012), WHY SLAVERY? (2018), and WHY PLASTIC? (2021).

Freedom is a fundamental element of the human experience. How we comprehend our freedom and what that means for others’ ability to exercise theirs is a foundational tension for any society; to live with others is to give up some freedoms in exchange for different freedoms. What happens when those freedoms are questioned? WHY FREEDOM? seeks to answer this question by finding the best stories of freedoms won, freedoms lost, and freedoms challenged. 

We aim to discover the multiplicity of freedom, how the enhancement of one person or group’s freedoms can infringe or even suppress another’s freedoms, or how freedom can slide back and forth in a delicate balance between extremes. 

Through six documentary films and a multi-media campaign, we will explore the best freedom stories the world has to offer.

What’s your freedom story?

See the official call below. 

Application deadline February 10th, 2023.

Open Call

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