Waiting for the Sun

Kaspar Astrup Schröder



When their father faces the death penalty, two Chinese twin sisters and their little brother are abandoned. No one in the family wants to take care of children with such a shameful background. Instead, they are taken in by Sun Village, an orphanage for children whose parents are imprisoned for serious crimes. Together with the three newcomers, we follow the children’s lives as their destinies cross paths and they help each other through the hardest time of their lives. Many of the children have only just learnt to tie their shoelaces and now they are forced to grow up fast and learn to take care of themselves. If their parents are finally released, it turns out to be harder than expected to get a normal life going again – although that is the only thing the children are deeply longing for. With great sensitivity and from the children’s perspective, Kaspar Astrup Schröder depicts two years at the orphanage during which a group of children are growing up and gaining a foothold.

A row of asian boys one with a nose bleed documentary about human rights issues.

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